The frames are custom made from SS sheet as per the client requirement for shape and size. The colors are matched with the color of metal mesh or partition design used inside the frame.

Application for the frames can be done for Glass partition covering / door frame / metal partition.

We have provided some of the designs of the frames for idea, customization can be done as per client requirement.

The above type frame can be used for Door frame covering.

The frame is fixed to the plywood covering using good quality metal to Wood silicon glue.

Frames can be used for partitions and also can be used areond the galss for frames, for glass frames. For high glass frames it should be packed with plywood for strength and then the frame covers the plywood covering (in this case the frame is divided into two parts the inside and outside part as covering)

The above designs can be used as Frames for the photos or for highlighting the ceiling or on the wall for a beautiful look.

The Fabricated frames can also be integrated with good quality LED strip light.